Glue Engine

Glue Engine 1.6

With Glue Engine you can create games very quick. No programming skills needed

With Glue Engine you can create games very quick. No programming skills needed.

Glue Engine is the first class engine for everyone. Glue Engine is very easy to use it marks casual and professional developers and regular users. No programming skills needed. No lightmapping calculations the graphics are rendered instantly just one click and the executable will be created with all the levels and elements required for the game.

Glue Engine has the easiest editor layout designed especially for developers and regular users that really want to focus on the game mechanics and not dealing with complicated engine design. The main buttons that lets you create the game are in front of the layout and the rest in Tools Section!


No programming skills

Premade default post process effect

No lightmap calculations

3D Content viewer

Weather control ( Clouds, Rain, Winter Daylight )

DirectX 11

Water shader with user options

Sky shader with user options

Easy development tools

Space partition graphics

nVidia PhysX Physics

GPU simulation

Particle editor

Material editor with user options

Sound/Audio editor with export

Cutgraph editor

Easy import weapons

No programming content on screen ( one click content on screen )

Effect crafter ( change game effects )

Easy lens flare implementation ( one button )

Water waves programable

Once click rain ( or Visual Glue Graph rain )

Multiple editing modes ( original and precise )

Screen Recorder

Easy sprite importer

With Glue Engine you an create games very quick. You will save time and money. No programming skills needed. The profesional programmers can program their own game if they want in C# and C++ language.

Glue Engine is the easiest engine on the market, you can develop games very, very fast with high quality graphics and gameplay mechanics.

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Glue Engine


Glue Engine 1.6

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  • by Anonymous

    Amazing!the gui is cool, the tutorials really help you a lot. But, i would like to see multiplatform. ...   More